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Tipner West: Portsmouth’s once-in-a-generation community


There is a reason that groundbreaking plans for Tipner West are receiving national interest, following the recent launch to the industry – the dynamic project team has an innovative and forward-thinking approach that is causing excitement and acclaim

CGI model of the Tipner West site
CGI model of the Tipner West site


Tipner West is a unique development site where land meets sea. Surrounded by water yet directly connected to the M275, it is an iconic gateway that will enable generations of people to come to experience and understand the city of Portsmouth.


It therefore has a significant responsibility – to anticipate and answer the future needs of the city and its people.


Natascha McIntyre Hall, assistant director of regeneration at Portsmouth City Council, says: “At Tipner West, we have the chance to look beyond the horizon and pioneer a new way of living and working that is dedicated to the long-term flourishing of communities and the world we share.”


Plans for Tipner West have recently taken an exciting leap forward. Following careful consideration, the project team at Portsmouth City Council devised a concept with architect Gensler that focuses on four important benefits of this exciting opportunity.


The case for a marine employment hub at Tipner West is crystal clear. The combination of deep water, excellent transport access and strategic position in the Solent marks it out as the industry’s favoured spot to support critical growth for Portsmouth.

Tipner West is a 140-acre strategic, visual and economic gateway to Portsmouth
Tipner West is a 140-acre strategic, visual and economic gateway to Portsmouth

A one million square foot marine employment campus will ensure the UK’s position as a leader in the industry. Innovation is critical not only to secure national dominance in this sector but also to originate solutions in a changing world. Complete with R&D labs and makerspaces, Tipner West will kick-start, nurture and grow businesses, providing new jobs, skills and education opportunities, and economic resilience for Portsmouth.


Our homes, both the locations and the physical buildings themselves, influence almost every aspect of our lives, health and well-being. People are thinking hard about the environment in which they want to live and the impact their homes have on the world and other people – the next generation of people looking for homes want to live healthily, happily and ethically.


“We have the opportunity to directly influence and overcome some of the biggest issues facing modern cities. Tipner West will show a different way of creating new places”


Tipner West will provide more than 4,000 new homes, which is roughly a quarter of Portsmouth’s 2036 goal. However, these will not just be any homes. They will offer people ways to live sustainably, from construction methods to clean energy, all within the nature and beauty of the harbour. And they will be homes the people of Portsmouth, as well as the 41,000 highly-skilled workers who come into the city every day, can afford.


Presenting Tipner West
Presenting Tipner West

A sense of community is a modern imperative. We have a responsibility to counteract loneliness and anxiety by helping people to feel connected and empowered, and to have a sense of belonging. People will be connected to each other by public gardens, the water and pedestrianised squares for eating and dining. This is an opportunity to lead nationally by creating connected and caring new communities.


Meanwhile, technology is providing tantalising solutions to our petrol addiction and cities are turning streets into playgrounds. That is why Tipner West will be designed for a future without cars and kerbs. An underground, centralised hub will not only allow for smart services, such as pneumatic waste collection, but also provide a car park large enough to conceal cars from everyday life.


Tipner West will be a new benchmark in people-based design, a development that will benefit everyone – completely accessible, safe, smart and beautifully designed.


Natascha McIntyre Hall says: “This is Portsmouth’s time and Tipner West is flying the flag for a progressive Portsmouth. We need to build on our growing reputation for leisure and capitalise on our highly skilled workforce. We require places for experimentation, to try new ways of living and working. We have the capability and spirit of adventure to achieve great advances.”


Megan Carter, Portsmouth City Council’s senior project manager, continues: “Tipner West will be a destination for leisure and a beacon for Portsmouth on the international stage. We have the opportunity to directly influence and overcome some of the biggest issues facing modern cities.


“Tipner West will show a different way of creating new places – places that thrive equally as drivers of economic success and powerful centres of societal good.”


Tipner West really is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.


Portsmouth City Council is working alongside Savills, Gensler, Marina Projects, WSP and ECD Architects



Key statistics


140 acres: Size of the development


4,000+: New homes that will be built


1 million square feet: Size of the marine employment campus


2,250 metres: Length of the waterfront



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