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Radical rethink: Why now?

The industry is locked in competitive silos, landscape architecture has been marginalised, communities lack a mechanism for meaningful involvement, policy is not shifting in the right direction

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Where are the landscape-led masterplans?
Where are the landscape-led masterplans?

Radical Rethink is call for ideas to revolutionise public spaces, including policy, design, process, procurement, research or more. Submit a simple idea, and if we like it, we’ll ask you to present it and work with you to develop it, and we’ll help you disseminate it.

Developed with landscape architect Will Sandy and supported by Vestre, we are seeking radical thinking for public space from policy-makers, planners, designers, academics and thinkers – anyone with an idea pushing for new ways of working.


In this podcast, Will Sandy discusses where the idea for a radical rethink came from in the context of his work.



If you’ve got an idea, whether a radical design or policy shift, that will improve our parks, roads, pavements, squares, rooftops, alleyways, back gardens, markets, high streets, etc. that will make them more resilient and productive, ecological, promote health and wellbeing, increase a sense of agency or belonging, become educational, increase access or promote inclusivity, we want to hear from you.


We’ll be selecting ideas to present live online to a panel of industry leaders and a wider audience who will question, challenge and feedback. We’ll also publish the ideas and share them with our audience. We’ll seek to feature the best ideas at the Festival of Place on 13 November.


What next for places and spaces?
Submit your idea for policy, design, process or procurement (we’re open minded!) via email to, it can be a raw idea, to be further developed later, and it should be described in a maximum 2 pages of A4 (preferably less than 1 page, or even a few sentences that can be elaborated later).


Deadline: 22 August

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